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Hello dear ones,

Yes, I know it's been quite awhile since you've heard officially from Loaves & Fishes Ministries. It has been a different kind of season for me, to be sure. About 18 months ago I heard the Lord tell me to 'pull back' from ministry and spend more time at home, which I have done. I have continued to speak, locally in So Calif and for my local church in many different capacities, but for the most part have stayed close to home.

During this time there has been much spiritual growth between Russ and myself and for each, individually. At first it was most frustrating to 'sit back' and watch others do what you love to do. However, the Lord gave me the ability to be content where I was. I asked HIM to tell me if the time for Loaves and Fishes was over and was very willing to give it back over to HIM. Time and time again He assured me that this was not the case and to just be patient. Ahhhhh, that magical word, patience! As Shakespeare said "therein lies the rub." The learning of patience before the Lord is learned only by being patient. So, I sat back and watched the world go by and sometimes felt left out, forgotten and even envious of those still out there.

Lately however, I see some doors beginning to open again. Not only through my local church, but in areas I've been to as a speaker before. In addition to this the Lord prompted me to finish the work needed to become "Non profit." That has been accomplished as of last month. I am officially 'non profit.'

I am well and in good health as is all of my family, Praise the Lord, and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me in the future.

Several of you have written, asking if I had removed you from the Intercessors list. Obviously, as you have received this message, the answer to that question is no. I have removed only those who have requested same. I will be sending updates from time to time, along with the prayer requests for Loaves & Fishes. Please do remember that I treasure your prayers and know they are heard before the throne of our Heavenly Father. Bless each and every one of you who do so on my behalf. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was blessed in being able to attend the Lakeland FL revival over a month ago. Unexpectedly I was asked to speak twice at a local church in Lakeland and the anointing was very strong. Much fruit came forth from these meetings. The Sunday church service saw three backsliders return to the Lord, one of which was the Pastor's daughter. Many, many healings manifested, many words of knowledge, deliverances occured, etc. The fire within not only continues to burn, it is strengthening and being passed on to others and I am greatly encouraged in the work the Lord has called me to do in HIS kingdom.

Below are several prayer requests as well as the upcoming speaking/traveling engagements for Loaves & Fishes Ministries. I would greatly appreciate your time in prayer over these issues. As you can see, Loaves and Fishes is beginning to go beyond the borders of the continental US and on into the world. This is a fulfillment of many prophecies over me. I have traveled extensively in ministry before but it was as a member of another team. These new opportunities are coming to Loaves & Fishes and I am very excited to see this happen.

1. I will continue to diligently seek the Lord for the venues HE would bring to me for speaking/teaching and ministry. I don't want to go somewhere just to have a booking. I want to see FRUIT for the kingdom. Please pray that the Lord will open doors that no man can open and He will shut the doors that will not be productive for HIM. I want to be the man with the ten pieces of silver that brought double back to his master and please the master.

2. Personal prayer/study times will be well protected and respected. I ask HIM that I will be diligent in time with Him.

3. The Lord will continue to give revelation knowledge from which I can teach with "fresh fire."

4. The Lord will truly be the provider in all the needs for Loaves & Fishes. As I begin traveling more, internationally and otherwise, there is a greater need. As you know, air fares are astronomical but I continue to know "our God is more than enough." He will provide all my needs according to HIS riches in glory as I serve Him and His kingdom.

5. Russ will travel with me more. He is wanting to work with me in this endeavor now and I am encouraging him to go with me as much as possible. Please pray that we will truly work together in this ministry.

6. Please pray for a continual flow of the Holy Spirit and the various gifts HE has given me that others may be blessed by them. Pray for increase of all spiritual things in my life.

**Upcoming events to pray over:

1. Russ and I have several personal trips scheduled for the summer and early fall. Please pray that we will have a great time together and continue to grow closer and closer while doing so. These trips will be from August 15th through the 27th Maui, HI; September 14th through the 21st, Alaska; October 1-8th Cabo San Lucas, MX. Please pray that there are many opportunities for us to share the Word and minister as we travel. Please pray for our safety on planes, ships, vehicles, etc and there will be no illness for either of us on any of these trips. If my suitcase were big enough I'd take you along but you can go with me in prayer. (No bah-humbugs allowed!).

2. October: Tentative trip to London England to visit and learn at Sozo Ministries. This is an opportunity to sit under a strong healing ministry and I am looking forward to learning/gleaning much during this time. I am excited to have the opportunity to meet with and glean from this caliber of leaders.

3. November 6th through 14th; teaching and ministry in Dallas and Ft. Worth area. November 7th-8th: Azle Assembly of God Women's Retreat. This is a composite of several local smaller churches. I've never ministered in this area before so I am asking the Lord to let me know exactly what lessons I am to share/minister, etc. I will be speaking once on Friday evening + ministry and twice on Saturday + ministry. Please pray for strength, wisdom and all gifts flowing freely and the fire of the Lord to be released upon their lives..

November 9th....Sunday....still available and I'd like to have an opportunity to speak at a local church while I am there. Please be in agreement with me that this will be provided by the Lord Monday, November 10th in the evening.

I will be speaking at a Women's Aglow in Dallas/Ft Worth area at 6:30 PM. Again please pray for wisdom, strength, the correct message and hearts open and ready for the infusion of fire into their lives.

Thursday, November 13th....Longview TX. 10 AM. Interdenominational Womens' Meeting. A large group of spirit filled women who meet once a month to hear the Word and have ministry. This will be a three hour drive each way and we are leaving on Wed, returning Thursday afternoon. Please pray once more for strength, wisdom, gifts to flow freely and the right word that will bless each person greatly.

I am asking God to prepare each person and increase their faith at each venue so they can carry the fullness of what HE wants to deposit within them. Please be in agreement with me for that?

Also, on the table via an official invitation and waiting in the wings for fullfillment... A trip to Kenya in April of 2009. A 'bishop' or leader of 30 churches in the rural areas North of Nairobi has invited me to come and speak/train/minister to many of his churches. Also, there is a possibility is speaking on national TV and radio, as finances allow. The reason I say, "as finances allow", is because I am not a church with a lot of funds available to travel and pay for air time. In these rural areas there are no funds for honorariums so we pay our own way, whatever we do. If the Lord provides the funds we will not only do local meetings we will do conferences, teach the pastors and elders + wives, speak on TV, radio and any government officials the Lord may bring to me. This is a viable ministry, recommended to me by a missionary who has worked in the area with this Pastor for some 10 years. Her comment, upon hearing him issue the invitation to me was 'he never invites anyone, they are always asking him if they can come. This is highly unusual." This missionary friend will be there as well, to help guide me in these areas, as the Lord permits. This too was an offer on her part. Therefore, I feel the Lord is up to something big and I really want to be part of this. My need for this Kenya trip alone, to do all I hope to do, will be between $5,500 and $6,500. This does not include the trip to England in October.

I am also looking to take 3 people with me on this Kenya trip. Please pray they are persons the Lord would send with me.

If you feel the Lord prompting you, I would greatly appreciate not just your prayer support in these endeavors, BUT FINANCIAL AS WELL. This is a larger endeavor than normal for Loaves and Fishes but I would not ask if I did not feel the Lord prompting this request. I also believe this is part of the prophecy Marilyn Hickey gave to me, personally. "You will go to many of the places in the world that are unusual and that others do not want to go to. You will have good success when you do so."

As I am now non-profit you will receive a financial statement at the end of the year which you may use for tax purposes. My mailing address appears at the end of this message. Please make checks out to Loaves & Fishes Ministries.

If you want to be part of these ministry times and trips via prayer I am most grateful to you for upholding me before the throne. If you are lead to share financially I would be most grateful for your partnership in same. Bless you for your friendship, love and support over the years. I cannot do this alone and treasure each of you as "God sent."

If, for any reason, you no longer want to be a part of this intercessory team I certainly understand. Simply e-mail me requesting your name be taken off the list of intercessors. Be assured I will still love you and treasure your friendship. I know there are seasons in our lives and I respect them as such.

Many blessings & Much love to each of you,

Gerie Martin
Loaves & Fishes Christian Ministries
78820 Sunrise Mountain View
Palm Desert, CA 92211-2614
760-333-2140 Cell

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